Reducio Swap 12: Hogwarts Teachers

I got my package today from Isabelle the Insightful (who forgot to post a note in it…) Total love!!!


mellowcreme pumpkins from Hagrid (my favorite treat this time of the year)
chocolate from Lupin (to help with dementors)
notebook from Filch (to make note of any rulebreakers)
tea and a mini scarf from Trelawney (she had too much sherry while knitting)
a mini sock from Dumbledore (I love the little snake on it.)
a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Snape (he says I should lose the driver and meet him in his office at midnight)


Here is a closeup of the little snake on the sock. The penny is there for size comparison. And I have no plans to ditch the driver and meet Snape at midnight.


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