Where is Winnie????

First, I visited a capital city that was built On a lake, but the lake has since disappeared. Many ghosts meet in the ancient temples and all over the town.

The first city that popped in my head was Mexico City. The city primarily rests on what was Lake Texcoco.

Next, I landed in a city where many kites are built & flown. Very windy place that! The city has old game courts which would have been useful for local Quidditch playoffs.

I’m not really sure about this but I’ve seen guesses that include Puente Alto, Chile. Apparently they have fighter kites and it is very popular to fly kites during Independence Day in Chile.

Then, lastly, I went to a beautiful Northeastern coastal city that is known for its annual multicultural carnival. Ravenclaws would have loved the pink library! The town is smaller than a nearby large city and is very relaxing. There are so many historic places to visit – I hope I get to see them all before I’m off on my next adventure. I’m definiTely going to catch the Friday night serenade before I set off to my next destination.

Another one where I don’t have a clue but I saw this pink library on another blog that said it was Olinda, Brazil. Olinda is located on the northeastern coast of Brazil and they do have a carnival there.

Mystery bold letters inlude… D O T.


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