Sock Summit Part II

Today’s post about Sock Summit will pretty much cover the first two days. I had my first class on sock design with Star Athena. Yes, that is her real name. She lives here in Portland. All of us in class started a design and I am still working on mine but have been distracted by getting some stuff ready for Oregon Flock & Fiber. More later on that.

So after class that afternoon, the marketplace was open for students and Rachel and I went fangirl on quite a bit of people.

Me and Kelly Petkun of Knit Picks

Rachel, me, and the Ravelry gang

The really big swift from Paradise Fibers in Washington state…apparently there were some upset vendors due to the size of it. Don’t really know why. It made a good reference point.

Me and Cat Bordhi (at opening reception)

Me and Cookie A. (thanks to Sara)

And here we are trying to break the World Record on the number of knitters knitting in one place. I’m pretty sure we blew the old record out of the water. Sorry, Australia.

We even went fangirl on Cindy. She will be a famous sock designer one day and already has some great stuff out. It was pretty funny since we see her on a weekly basis at knit night.

And here I am in my poodle skirt outfit at Sock Hop. Of course I had to wear hand knit socks. They are a pair of Monkey socks that I received in one of the Monkey swaps I was in last year. If I looked back through the blog I could probably find out where they came from.

ETA: Okay, so I looked and I got the socks back in 2007 from a lady in Vermont. These socks have held up pretty good.

To be continued…


3 responses to this post.

  1. :O I am sooooooooooooooo jealous of all the knitters you got to meet! I'd have been going fangirl too! ::ponders why she hasn't gone fangirl on Ann yet:: Love the poodle skirt! Too cute!


  2. LOL – total sock queen flirt!!


  3. LOL Hermione – you haven't gone fangirl on me because you are actually a friend!!


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