From the Sett to the Snake Pit

Check what I found on my bed down in the Snake Pit. It is my kit from Mantacora Crimson of Hufflepuff. Let’s just say that I was absolutely thrilled when this arrived. It had been a tough day of school and all I wanted to do was head out to Hogsmeade for some firewhiskey. But this has made me so very happy that I am quite content to sit in the common room and look at all my new goodies.

There were so many goodies to unwrap. And they were wrapped in the most best of all colors – green and silver.

The tissue box was not part of the package. I just used it to prop up the DPN holder. It is wicked cool. And the buttons match the one on the bag. Those are child size socks blockers in the most coolest shade of green.

I am not really sure what the orange stuff is for but I have an idea of what it might be. I do love all of the stationary products. My wonderous pal informs me that the orange item is highlighter tape. A very magical item indeed to help me keep my place on knitting charts.

My favorite yummies – Lemonheads!!! Plus some cool knitty goodies that I have been wanting to try. That circular needle is 9″ and a US size 2. The little yellow thing is magnetic and will come in handy in keeping track of the chart when I do those gloves up.

Nascar stuff and some chocolate and lotion…enough said. 🙂 That little red velvet bag will come in handy when the chocolates are all eaten.

And what Slytherin wouldn’t love their very own Potions kit? Okay so it is actually a Potions game but it is wicked cool. Mine is now sitting on a beautiful black scarf.

And these are just the best ever. Two sets of stitch markers – Twilight and Jeff Burton (that Nascar dude who makes me squee like a school girl) themed. Can we say SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Plus a handy dandy row counter in Slytherin colors. ::sighs:: I love my package. 🙂

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  1. Glad you like it! The orange stuff is pattern highlighter……think of it like removable/repositionable highlighter.The sock blockers are kid sized, I was originally going to make you some, and realized you had several, but I've never seen them for kid's socks. So there you go.Glad you like the stitch markers, they were fun to make.


  2. Oh yea, and the laminated cards are for when you take the pattern on the road…..or in the bag (small and portable) Some of the easy to recall details are omitted to fit the card.


  3. WOW! An Amazing package. How did you make the blockers, Mantacora? I should make for my two…Belladonna Boomslang


  4. I want Cora to be my spoiler!!! What an AWESOME kit!Oh well I DID get to be her dueling partner for a little while. 😀


  5. They are 1/4 inch marine door skin, cut on a jig saw and painted. I'm thinking I need to make a nice pair for myself now……


  6. WOW!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It seems the hand-made sock-blockers are really popping up this term! 😀 They're so beautiful! (But mine are still better.) 😉 You've got a great kit to enjoy!


  7. Wow – the chocolate made it into the pictures, and you think it will last longer yet? In my home that is rare!!Wonderful package – I'm coveting the lovely notebook in one picture, and love the laminate pattern cards idea.


  8. awesome package!!


  9. This is amazing! You got a very awesome package. ^_^


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