A package for me…

This lovely package arrived yesterday from my HSKS6 Pal – Mona Ravenscroft of Hufflepuff house. It came at the perfect time. Ever since Edward’s family moved I have been down in the dumps. I have kept my promise and have not been mourning in the Slytherin common room. This past Saturday I had gone out with a few of the Slytherin girls to the Hog’s Head over in Hogsmeade. But more about that later.

Check out the wicked cool felted bag. I love the colors of course. And it can hold quite a bit.

And here is something to practice my potions. This time with acid dyes and blank yarn. I am gonna have so much fun coming up with beautiful colorways. There are two jars of Jacquard Acid Dyes in Emerald and Silver Grey. Plus there are two jars of Wilton Icing Colors in Moss Green and Delphinium Blue. The yarn is Nature Spun by Brown Sheep and is in the Natural colorway which makes it perfect for my first dying experiment with acid dyes. Lastly, the little jar with the green lid is calligraphy ink from France.

And last but not least, the instructions to perform the potion making along with my very own quill. I love the black feather. Check out the Box of Boogers. I haven’t had the nerve to try them yet. Anyway, I love my package. So huge thanks go to Mona!!!


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  1. I'm so glad that you like your package. It was fun finding everything for you package.


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