I should be the Slytherin HOH because:
I am completely loyal to Slytherin house. I am also completely dependable and am very good at paying attention to detail. I am also completely accessable as I have my own laptop.

The funniest thing I or my alter ego has ever done:
The best trick I ever played was on my twin sister Avada. Both of us were first years at the time. The funny part was that she wasn’t the only Ravenclaw to fall for it. Some of the Slytherin first years made a sign for the library that read “Closed until further notice”. That’s when we found out that Ravenclaws do not have a sense of humor when it comes to the library. We just couldn’t stop laughing. I think that gave us away.

The best trick ever played on me or my alter ego:
This happened back when I was a first year. That was a rough year for me. Constantly being mistaken for my goody two-shoes sister Avada got old really quick. Anyway, Avada knew that I am a huge Puddlemere United fan and had a really big crush on Oliver Wood. She had me convinced that he had died in some horrible accident on the quidditch pitch. I was in tears for days. I nearly knocked her lights out when she told me it was just a joke. Honestly, I didn’t think it was funny at all. But I got her back by placing green dye in her shampoo. Her hair was green for an entire week before all of the dye came out.


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