Back at school

from Edward’s POV…

I knew the moment I saw her this morning that she should have gone straight to the infirmary. But, she didn’t listen to me and insisted that she was just fine. She was always the stubborn type. That was part of her charm.

I remembered how pale she looked this morning. Paler than usual. That was at breakfast and now I just sat here at the Ravenclaw table picking at my dinner and trying to keep an eye on her at the same time. Her sister kept looking at me with a worried expression on her face.

“How is she doing?” whispered Avada.

“She looks the same as she did earlier. Very pale… and she is just picking at her food. I should have just carried her to the infirmary.”

Avada just grinned at that statement. “That would have been interesting to see.”

I had to admit to myself that it would have been pretty funny. Then I gave a quick glance over to the Slytherin table and that is when I noticed she was gone.

I looked around the Great Hall frantically trying to find her. And then I spotted her walking slowly towards the entrance. She looked a little wobbly on her feet. Then it all happened so quickly. But it was like watching her in slow motion. She had paused for one brief second and the next second she was on the floor.

Damn it!!! I should have just taken her to the infirmary. By the time I got to her, I could hear the school nurse rushing towards us. Andromeda was unconscious and she looked even worse than she did this morning. Silly girl, she should have just listened to me.

That’s when Madam Pomfrey arrived and touched Andromeda’s forehead. “She’s burning up. Why didn’t she come see me earlier?”

“I tried to get her to go this morning but she wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Stupid, stupid girl. Edward, pick her up and come with me to the infirmary before she gets worse.”

I quickly picked her up and followed Madam Pomfrey out of the Great Hall giving Avada one last look before leaving. The poor girl sat frozen in her seat and I could see tears starting to well up in her eyes. Thankfully, she was quickly surrounded by the other Ravenclaw girls who were trying to comfort her. I made a mental note to keep her updated on her sister’s condition and then followed the school nurse to the infirmary.


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  1. Seriously, I LOVE that pic of Edward. THank you for putting it up and giving me a reason to keep looking at him!


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