Andromeda’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Well, the new school term is about to begin and I have everything unpacked. I love being back down in the Snake Pit. My nerdy twin is back up in Ravenclaw. Pffftt…. She has already been teasing me about Edward. I just glared at her which sent her into a big fit of giggles. Rumor has it that the list of partners for the swap will be coming out sometime this weekend. Really looking forward to that. Plus I am wondering when our first trip to Hogsmeade will be. Edward has already told me that I am not allowed to go without him. Pfftt…like that would stop me. But it is more fun to go with him than my sister. She giggles to much for my taste.

Summer break was great fun. Edward came over quite often. Even mum was charmed by him. But then it is very easy to be charmed by him. It was very funny last term watching all the girls staring at him all last term. But for some reason, he picked me out of all the girls at school to go out with. He said it was because I was not like the other girls. Apparently he doesn’t like girls who giggle alot either. Anyway, that is all for now. I have to meet Edward before we have dinner in the Great Hall.


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