A package for me…

It’s here!!!! My long awaited package from Agatha Ackerly of Ravenclaw. A rather large owl swooped into the Snake Pit and brought all of these goodies wrapped in green and silver. The best colors ever!!! Look at all the shiny packages.

Here is the bag. How creative is that? The candle is Macintosh Apple scented from Kathleen’s Kandles.

Look, squishy sock yarn from TipoFilato in colors any Slytherin would love. Plus I got not one but 2 circular needles from Knit Picks long enough to practice the Magic Loop technique. Also, the instruction manual on how to work the magic. Plus other little goodies like the sheep tape measure and the knitting thimble.

Very cute stitch markers in Slytherin colors from Celtic’s Concoctions.

A close up of the squishy sock yarn…

And yummy goodies to eat… I am gonna have to hide these.

And here is a picture of the bag all by itself.

So, this is one package that will be loved for all time. Thank you Agatha!!!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! Truly awesome kit! Love that bag and that yarn! Lucky you!


  2. OMG! Is that woven duct tape?!


  3. So glad you like everything Andi! Enjoy it! And I want to see photos of your first magic loop project!Aggie


  4. that is an amazing kit! The yarn! The bag! truly fantastic. 😀


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