Andromeda’s Diary

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Dear Diary,

This term is at long last coming to an end. The last quidditch match has been played and owls are flying all over the place bearing packages for eager students. I have had a great amount of fun in the Snake Pit among my fellow Slytherins. Then there was the unexpected meeting with the stupid, charming new boy who is also known as Edward. Girls throughout the castle were easily charmed. It took me a little longer but he was very persistent in trying to get on my good side. The cheesecake helped in that matter. I still think that the little eagle who told him about that was none other than my twin sister Avada. It doesn’t help that they are both in Ravenclaw. Anyway, although we did not win the house cup this term, I had a great time anyway and look forward to another term in Slytherin. This is far from my last post this term. I still have to post about the package that is winging its way from Ravenclaw Tower. I am sure that it will be fabulous. Well, I have to go for now. Edward mentioned something about strawberry cheesecake and he knows that I can’t resist that.


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