Friday Fill-Ins


Friday Fill-Ins #75

1. Idle hands are hands that do not create.
2. I love luxurious body products in the shower.
3. My favorite time of the day is when when the children fall asleep and there is peace and quiet at last.
4. The last tea I drank was white tea with a hint of blueberry.
5. I like to sit on the deck and watch the boys play outside in the Summer.
6. My mother always said find someone you are happy to be with.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to knitting on the fair isle bag, tomorrow my plans include a trip to Tualatin for clothes shopping and some time on the Wii Fit and Sunday, I want to watch the Pocono 500 and work on the January kit of this year’s Rockin’ Sock Club!


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