Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-In #69

1. When I fell in love, it was a glorious day!
2. I love it when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside! Then the boys are able to go outside and play.
3. Oh no! The Internet connection is down, its time for some uninterrupted knitting while watching Food Network.
4. Any reality show is the craziest tv show ever.
5. Cheese and sliced apples make a great meal for small children!
6. I am looking forward to having a garden. Right now we are deciding what vegetables to plant.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to the Beginner’s Drop Spindle class at The Knitting Bee, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping, a trip to the book store and Cost Plus World Market over by Washington Square Mall and Sunday, I want to watch the NASCAR Sprint Race at the Talladega Speedway!


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