Punk Rock Gift Exchange

Today was a great mail day. Not only did my birthday gift from my mom arrive (late as usual since my birthday was last month), but this fantastic package arrived from Kelly of Bella Bambina. Lil Nathan saw the gummy worms and instantly wanted some. He even went so far as to open the bag by himself. I love the coffee choices – Double Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel flavors. There was Patons SWS, Peaches n’ Cream cotton, some cotton thread for baby booties or maybe a christening gown. The purple yarn cake is hand dyed sock yarn that she did herself. And I finally got one of those chart keepers from Knit Picks. Then there is the first item I saw in the package – the bright orange dishcloth with the number “31” on it for my favorite Nascar driver – Jeff Burton.

Here is a picture of some of the post cards that were sent along with some Navy themed items. Both the husband and myself were in the Navy and actually met on an aircraft carrier. The bag of gummy worms had already been opened by Nathan.

But we can not forget these adorable hand knit hats for each of the boys – both lil ones got a hat as well as the husband (aka The Chief). He was pretty thrilled when I told him about it. Thank you Kelly!!!

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  1. I’m so glad you liked everything and I love seeing the boys in their hats!!!


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