One more step to Loopy Groupie status


Today was a good mail day. My shipment from The Lopy Ewe arrived and since it is my fifth order, I will be a Loopy Groupie with the next order. I am really looking forward to that day. This time I picked out some roving to work on the baby spinnning skills. The roving is by Sakina Needles and is 100% superwash merino in “Coral Beach”. It’s even prettier in person and really soft. Plus I got the kitchener dog tags from Knitcellaneous.  These will make feel a little better since tomorrow is my birthday and The Chief will not return from Singapore until saturday.  Sad face – 😦



4 responses to this post.

  1. Ooooh, pretty! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, too!! (well, it’s almost Friday, anyway.)

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday! My mum’s bday was the 13th and her best friend is the 12th 🙂


  3. Just wanted to check to see if you purchased yarn during the Top 10 KAL? I am updating the list. I couldn’t find your e-mail address on this page, so picked a post and I think this is yarn. Looks yummy! 🙂 Will you let me know on the blog.

    Thank you!
    Nachaele Olson


  4. Angela Marie, dumb question…..what is Roving?


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