The Big Bag KAL & Swap


1.  Do you knit, crochet, or do both? For how long?
I knit and crochet because I am mutli-talented.  I have been crocheting since I was a teen but only knitting for the past few years but I can follow patterns and charts fairly well.

2.  What other crafts do you do, if any?
I sew and do bead work.  I make stitch markers and some jewelry.  Plus a small amount of cross-stitch and some plastic canvas work.  I would like to get more practice on the drop spindle.

3.  What are your favorite colors? Colors you loathe?
Favorite colors include purple, black, camouflage, blue, red.  I don’t really care for bright neon colors or pastel colors.  Plus I don’t wear orange or yellow.

4.  Favorite yarn brands? Fiber types? Yarn you can’t stand?
Favorite yarn brands include: Noro, Lornas’ Laces, Cascade, Lisa Souza, Knit Picks.  Fiber types include wool, wool blends, cotton.  There are really only a few yarns I can’t stand.  Maybe fluffy novelty yarns.  Right now I seem to have fallen in love with Lorna’s Laces Black Purl colorway.

5.  What is your favorite type of item to knit/crochet?
Socks, dishcloths, hats, mittens.  I like crocheting with cotton thread for doilies and heirloom baby items.  I plan on knitting my first sweater sometime this year.

6.  What kind of needles do you like? (i.e. circular, straight, metal, bamboo, etc.)
I mainly use metal needles. I use DPNs for socks and straight needles for dishcloths.  Plus I use ciruclar needles.  I have been using my Knit Picks Options more and more lately.

7.  Any knitting tools you lack but crave?
Knit Picks Harmony Sock Needle Set
Knit Picks Chart Keeper
Blocking wires for lace work
Any of these really cute tape measures

8.  Patterns you’ve been dying to get but haven’t yet?
Tulip Baby Cardigan – Wicked – Simple Knitted Bodice – The Wonderful Wallaby Sweater

9.  Do you drink coffee, tea, cocoa? Flavors you love/hate?
I drink all three.  For the coffee, I prefer fully-loaded.  I do not drink Folgers.  For tea, I like the green teas and chamomille.

10.  Favorite sweets & snacks?
Anything with chocolate, gummy worms, lemon drops

11.  Any pets, kids, spouses? Spouses that act like pets or kids? (j/k)
I have 0 pets, 2 kids, and 1 spouse.  The kids are small boys – ages 5 and 2.

12.  Favorite things to knit/crochet for the above, if applicable?
Socks for the husband and hats for the lil boys.  Plus I did crochet a Spiderman Ripple Ghan for the 5 year old for Christmas 2007.

13.  What kinds of books do you like to read? Favorite authors or genres?
I like mystery, sci-fi, historical romance, legal thrillers.  Then there is the witchy/vampire books.  Favorite authors include John Grisham, James Patterson, Anne Rice.

14.  Do you collect anything? (besides yarn! LOL!)
Anything to do with Ancient Egypt and anything with a triquetra on it.  Plus it seems that my hand bag collection is growing.  Don’t know how that happened.

15.  What, if any, are your non-craft related hobbies?
I read, watch Food Network & HGTV, listen to the Ipod, watch Nascar.

16.  Scents you adore? Scents that make you gag?
My favorite scent is lavender.  The scent that makes me gag is cinnamon – especially around Christmas when the craft stores have all the cinnamon stuff out and it is over powering.

17.  What is your idea of a relaxing time?
When the kids go to bed and there is peace & quiet in the house after a long day of hearing them run around the house.

18.  Oh yeah, are you on Ravelry and if so, care to share your Ravelry ID?
Yes, I am on Ravelry and my ID is AngelaMarie


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