Saturday Sky and more…

Hillsboro, Oregon

HSKS3 Swap – This owl post arrived today from Lissette of Gryffindor. There is the felted Ravenclaw bag and the cute Ravenclaw stitch markers. And of course there is the Chocolate Frog and bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. The yarn is very soft and I look forward to knitting up a pair of socks. I am not quite sure what type of sock yarn it is as there was no ball band on the yarn. But it really is soft. Thank you Lissette!!!

Hogwarts Sock Swap II – This owl post arrived yesterday from Matilda Edgecombe of Slytherin. I love the socks!!! They are incredibly soft and fit perfectly. I don’t think I have ever seen that sock yarn but should be fun to knit up with. I always like to work with new yarns. There is a beaded book mark sitting on top of the blue fabric thingy (not quite sure what it is but it’s pretty). Lastly, there is a tape measure (always handy), a sock pattern from Fiber Trends, and my favorite Pumpkin candies from Brach’s. That candy is one of the reasons I look forward to Halloween each year. One more thing, the one card that every Ravenclaw would love – that of Rowena Ravenclaw – the founder of Ravenclaw House.


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