A Racer and a Gentleman…

After watching yesterday’s race at Bristol, I can honestly say that I would rather have Jeff (Burton) finish in 2nd place than bump Kyle Busch for the win. Jeff had every chance to do just that, but he didn’t. And for that, he showed that he had a great amount of sportmanship. Now, who can fault him for that? But of course I am extremely thrilled that he is doing so well this season. Currently he is in 2nd place in the standings, a mere 3 points behind the leader, Jeff Gordon. Now onto Martinsville, Virgina – another short track.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I found you through the Hogwarts Sock Swap and I just had to give you some kudos for being a Burton fan. 😀 Though my two guys from DEI top my list, Burton is a super close third and I just love the guy, too.Anyway, glad to find another NASCAR fan in the knitting world!


  2. Burton is a great guy, but my loyalties lie with 20 and 24, yes, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon. Hubby is all about 8, Dale Earnhart, makes for interesting race days.


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