Healthy choices and more…

Another health commitment – but hey, its a good thing. I have actually gone two whole days without drinking any soda. Plus I have started back with the exercise. Not too shabby. Usually I can drink a few cans a day. But now I have started drinking more water and tea.

And here is what I received for the last package for Secret Pal 9. I finally got to find out who has been spoiling me all this time – Michelle of All Things Crafted. It’s pretty cool that she has the same name as my sister. The first thing to be eaten was the chocolate that had a strawberry filling. The best part of the package – besides the chocolate – was the Lornas Laces sock yarn in the Daffodil colorway. I absolutely love daffodils so that was just the best color for me.


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh, what a fun package!! And the yarn is amazing – what fun socks you’ll make!!


  2. Great package! I love Lorna’s Laces sock yarn and that colorway is fantastic!


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