The search is over…

And here is the new house. Very charming on the inside. It’s located in Tigard, Oregon about 2 blocks from the high school. So we have about a million things to do for the move.

Plus I have started to work out to loose this extra weight. I realize that my current weight may not seem like alot to some people but to me it is. Before I got pregnant with Nathan back in 2002, I weighed about 130 lbs and wore size 8. Now, let’s just say I weigh more than that. So I joined Runagogo! and started yesterday with 3 miles. It’s a start. Doing the walk to Rivendell sounded like fun. I saw it mentioned on Quietish.

My Middle Earth position as of last night is:

Still in Hobbiton, crossing a plank bridge. (3 miles)

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