Saturday Sky with Mt. Hood

Stop and Smell the Roses – or in this case the trees

It’s hard to believe that seven months ago we departed the hustle and bustle of East Coast Industrialized living of Norfolk Virginia and the United States Navy. As my husband retired after 20 long years of service defending our country, he closed one chapter in his life and opened another by taking a job that has brought us to beautiful Oregon.

While taking the time to take care of some regular running around, we both stopped and took in the sight of the one thing is truly impressive. On clear days we can see the wonderful sight of Mount Hood. While Mount Hood is about 70 miles away, the mountain rises some 14,000 feet to show us it’s majestic glory. We can see it almost daily as we drive around the area.

The seasons are changing here in Oregon as well. Even as the Northwest is known for it’s forests of evergreen, there is still a sizeable amount of other trees that add the colors of autumn that we all come to know. As the temperatures begin to slowly drop, so do the leaves. But not before they provide a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that brings back memories as a kid. The warm glows of the reds and oranges along with the crisp morning air heavy with the aroma of evergreen created an orgasmic ambrosia that tantalizes the senses and makes you feel happy that you are alive to wtiness such wonders.

So the next time you are out and about; wether going to work in the early morning to beat traffic, an afternoon jaunt to the grocery store or shuttling kids to soccer practice; stop and look around. Take in a big breath of air. Feel the autum season all around you. And remember what it feels like to be alive and witnessing such nature’s wonders.

Post Script – My Husband, Phillip, asked me if he could write my entry this week. He is a former radio announcer, Instructor, and novice author. He wants to write a book one day. He asked if he could make this weeks entry, so I said – o.k.


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